Workshop of Exploration
Saturday, February 3
10:30 am to noon - $10 
given at 1200 King Ave, Ste 105
Experience what happens at Evolving Soul!
Presentation and Interactive Workshop includes:

*Introduction to basic metaphysical principles
*Purpose & Demo of Past Life Regression Hypnosis

*Uses of Guided Imagergy Meditation
*Intro to Reiki/Subtle Energy Balancing - Crystals & Toning Bowls

*Angel Healing Transmissions 
*EFT-Tapping Demonstration & Practice

Call or email with your registration, space is limited. 614.390.6172

True Nature - Soul's Evolution 

Sometimes in life we hear people say, “Just be yourself!”
But how many of us know how to do that or what that means?
When we begin to get the idea of that, are we able to allow ourselves to let that out?

From birth we become more and more acclimated to the physical and the material aspects of Earth, the third dimension. Yet each of us has innate spiritual and Soul “being-ness” as well as “human-ness.” This is often described as having “bodies” that are physical, emotional, mental/intellectual, and also spiritual/energetic. Too soon our experience on this planet Earth causes the knowing and awareness of the spiritual/energetic/etheric to fade and even become foreign. But many of us do not lose that sense of the wholeness of ourselves and eventually, like now, develop the desire to explore that essential aspect of our holistic being so we can “call our spirit back” as Caroline Myss puts it and wake up to our True Nature, living authentically.
I invite you to engage in a session sequence that resonates with you, or perhaps begin by choosing a topic from the menu and explore more gradually.  I know you’ve heard that life is a journey.  Your journey is your unique and individual path to experience and allow to unfold. There are no wrong choices, and no mistakes, and there are a lot of guides and assistants that come in a variety of forms. My work is but one.

25 years experience