Mona Hett, MS, CLC

Past Live Regression Therpist, Life Coach, Reiki Master
Subtle Energies Coaching
This is life coaching that uses subtle energy with metaphysical applications or enhancements.

My formal education and training includes a BA in women's studies, MS in counseling plus certification in 3rd degree Reiki, Past Life Regression Hypnosis, Life Coaching, and EFT-Tapping.

Leading people in a guided imagery session for meditative purposes is something I learned at the beginning of my journey. It's a useful and powerful tool that I like to use in groups as well as during private sessions.

Personal and spiritual growth is on-going. I gleaned much of my base and groundedness from 12-step meetings and the Enneagram, while learning to open to symbols and messages from dreams, Tarot, intuition/serendipity, and the power and beauty of rocks, stones and crystals. 

Exploration into orbs, nature spirits in photography, sound/frequency healing, color therapy & numerology have added to the holistic approach I have in assisting people during their own explorations.

In addition, you can never have too much of nature both by being outside with it and growing the little beauties in your living space. Plants fill the air with oxygen and evoke a calm feeling that is healing. There is just something about looking at all that green! I have been nurturing myself using house plants my whole life and in turn this nurtures nature.