Subtle Energy

Subtle Energy Cleanse

Having a subtle energy cleanse will allow more freedom and balance in following healthier patterns for change and relaxation, usually releasing energetic and/or emotional pathways. I believe that anyone who has been part of an intent for this gentle and powerful channel of growth does indeed have results not only during the session, but long afterward even if those results continue in a subtle way, because energy influences body, mind and spirit in a holistic way.

Reiki, crystal bowl and tuning fork frequencies along with crystal and stone layouts for assistance to energy shifts are part of each session.

EFT - Tapping

Make new choices to shift energy in thoughts, feeling and physical pain which allows movement in any direction with all possibilities!
Did you know that under average circumstances when given the choice between calm and panic, the brain/body will choose calm every time. Here is a link to someone I consider to be the master of blending these two, Brad Yates. or type youtube brad yates plus an emotion or topic in the subject line of any search engine.
What causes the stress response?
When we are stressed it affects our whole body, especially the nervous system, which among other things affects all the major organs…but every system. Stress activates the sympathetic half of the nervous system and relaxation activates the parasympathetic half. So, stress is a response to either an actual or self-perceived threat like a worry and your body can’t tell the difference. Physically, the brain/body produces the stress hormone cortisol under either stressful condition such as physical danger or when we are in an emotional situation that triggers the mechanism in the brain causing a fight, flee or freeze response.  That level of cortisol and adrenaline is meant to subside when those threats or triggers pass. The human body is not meant to live in a constant release of these hormones. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening to many people in today’s stressful world.
How does this help me?
Have you been longing for a way to feel a shift in a situation? Need relief from an awfulness? Is there pain in your body that nothing you’ve tried by itself seems to be helping enough? (EFT is not a substitute for medical attention and treatment.) Is there a dream you have worked toward only you feel there just seems to be something in the way of you getting there?
Is it time for some FREEDOM?
Why it works.
Stimulating acupoints of the meridians (in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, there are pathways in our bodies along which vital energy is said to flow). Twelve of these pathways are associated with specific organs and while thinking about a stressor, pain or problem we retrain the limbic response. This retraining can be done either while we are experiencing a situation as it is happening which gradually (or rapidly neutralizes the emotional or physical response/reaction) or by imaging a scene or event which creates the limbic arousal that triggers that response. When we tap while remembering anything that is uncomfortable to threatening to traumatic, the amygdala can be allowed to deactivate. The hippocampus, which controls contextual associations in the limbic system of the brain, gets this message with repetition.
For a bibliography of research studies please refer to this link, and also do your own exploration!
​EFT Sessions with Mona
In person
By phone
First Session – $90 (typically one hour or less)
Half Hour – $50
Every additional 15 minutes – add $25

Theraputic Guided Imagery

Is there something going on is your life right now that seems to occupy your thoughts and emotions just a little too often throughout the day?
A unique session you might want to experience with me is to schedule a half hour of guided imagery that is specific to you and what is going on. A recording will be made so you will be able to listen ver and over as often as you want to hear and experience it.

I use a meditative style that allows participants to follow suggestions. As the client you may become accustomed to the recording and find that eventually you can use my voice as a peaceful and comforting background so you can retreat to your own experience.

Integrated Imagery - Past Life Regression

How will Integrated Imagery help?
Integrated Imagery Past Life Regression Hypnosis balances the burdens that the Soul carries from lifetime to lifetime during the reincarnation process. Unless deep healing has taken place around our patterns and issues, they accumulate and attract the same energy each incarnation. What’s great about Integrated Imagery past life regression is that your Soul will pick a particular lifetime that will best represent that issue being cleared (or be the life where it began) so you do not always need to have several sessions about the same problem/pattern. As the guide and therapist I am trained to know when and how to achieve each state and keep you from being retraumatized in such unlikely scenarios.
How does it work?
The general purpose is to de-energize negative themes from other times that cause patterns to resurface as physical, psychological, or emotional issues. Plus, we will re-energize and embody the positive aspects you may be unaware of, infusing them into the present. The benefits are endless because in every session traits that are holding you back from the life you are longing for are discovered in scenarios and then neutralized.
Positive traits that have seemed illusive show up and are re-lived, and then infused into the cellular, emotional, muscular structure and memory of the current biological lifetime.
​$130 per session for two hours ($25 for each add’l half-hr, I can explain this at the beginning of the session)
Package Discount – 3 sessions for $300.00
The sessions are priced so that they are accessible and available to those seeking this valuable tool. I ask that you do some preparation before coming to the session.

Guided Meditation Classes

Groups and Classes form continuously for ongoing drop-in opportunities to get grounded and benefit from the power of sitting in contemplation with a group. Often we will lift Light, Energy and add Support to current situations on personal levels as well as international ones.